Jackass Rangel: Resigning would be un-American

In corruption, Jackasses, left wing lunacy on July 25, 2010 at 2:23 pm

Following a call for the ‘ethically challenged’ Charlie Rangel (D-NY) to resign, Rangel said Saturday that a resignation now would be un-American.

The Hill reports:

Embattled Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) said Saturday it would be un-American of him to resign in the face of a looming ethics trial.

The Hill first reported Friday night that Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) had called on Rangel to step down, the first sitting House Democrat to do so.

The New York Daily News reported Saturday that Rangel, speaking to reporters at Harlem Hospital, brushed off the call to give up his seat.

“Well, it wouldn’t be the American thing to do,” he said. “I think I owe it to the process to find out first what the investigative committee finds out.”

“…I really never heard of that concept that if someone accuses you of something, why don’t you just step aside so you don’t embarrass anybody and admit to something that you don’t believe is true.”

Rangel would like for us all to believe that he is innocent of any wrong doing and that resigning in the face of ‘false’ accusations would be un-American.  But, what he really believes is that as a socialist progressive, Rangel’s continued presence as a representative in the U.S. Congress is more important to America than anything criminal un-ethical that he may have done. 

Trust me, that is what he really thinks.

UPDATE: 7/29/10

Despite the fact that the House Ethics Committee has charged Rep. Rangel with 13 counts of violating House ethics rules, and has moved from the investigative stage, to trial stage, ol’ Charlie is still trying to ‘Rangel’ a plea deal.  I suppose that’s not un-American from Charlie’s point of view.


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