Protester Tries to Arrest Blair for War Crimes

In left wing lunacy on September 4, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Tony Blair was met by some 200 anti-war protesters at the first public signing of his memoirs in Dublin.  One of the protesters, Kate O’Sullivan, attempted to exercise a citizen’s arrest of Blair after he signed a copy of his memoirs for her.

“I went up to him and I said ‘Mr Blair, I’m here to make a citizen’s arrest for the war crimes that you’ve committed’,” she said.

“Immediately five security people grabbed me, started dragging me off.”

“I cried out there was half a million people dead in Iraq, how can you live with yourself, you’ve committed war crimes.”

According to Wikipedia, Irish law states that;

“Any person can arrest someone who they have reasonable cause is in the act of committing or has committed an “arrestable” offence, that is one punishable by more than 5 years in prison.  The arrest can only be effected if the arrestor has reasonable cause that the person will attempt to avoid apprehension by Gardaí and the arrestor delivers the person to Garda custody as soon as is practicable.”

Since Ms. O’Sullivan was there, and was certainly aware of the large contingent of Garda officers tasked with insuring Mr. Blair’s safety, it would be reasonable for her to assume that Mr. Blair was not wanted by Gardai in connection with any crime.  Ms. O’Sullivan was either unaware of the Irish statutes pertaining to ‘citizen’s arrest’, or, like most libtards everywhere, chose to ignore the rule of law.


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