Who’s gotta sit in the back, Mr. Obama?

In Jackasses on November 4, 2010 at 7:48 pm

 Delusional Democrats refused to acknowledge the fact that a tsunami was coming to sweep them out of power until it was upon them, and now that it has happened, most refuse to recognize the real reasons why.  Rather than man-up and accept accountability, Democrats have been making excuses and pointing fingers.

‘The American people are hurting and they’re scared’, yes, but what role have you played in that?.  ‘We didn’t create enough jobs,’ as if government can create jobs.  ‘Secret money from God only knows where, was used to steal the election’, seriously?  ‘There was low Democrat voter turnout, our base did not come out to vote for us’, we you plead with your base to turn out to vote for you, and they don’t, does it not cross your mind that maybe you are the problem.  Then there are the predictable ‘we didn’t get our message out’ and ‘the American people are too stupid to vote in their own best interest‘ rationalizations.

Of course, since this trouncing comes in the middle of the first black President’s first term in office, some cannot resist categorizing the electorate as ‘predominantly white’ or the election as having ‘strong racial undertones’.  this despite the fact that two Black Republicans will be joining the new Congress. 

The voters sent the Democrats a clear, unmistakable message about their mis-management of the economy, massive federal spending, and Obama-care.  Democrats have ignored the voice of the people for two years now, they do not seem to be disposed, even now, to start listening.

Nevertheless, President Obama will continue to push his ‘hope and change’ agenda.  No, Mr. Obama, the Republicans have a different agenda, Democrats are welcome to come along, but they gotta sit in the back.


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