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Obama and Palin Duke it Out

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As I highlighted in a previous post, hopenchange has become a media addiction at every level, comics included.  Now, up coming issues of Archie Comics (Archie #616 and #617, will feature Barack Obama and Sarah Palin squaring off against one another.

The cover for issue #616 places Obama and Palin in a somewhat compromising, almost romantic setting, sharing a milkshake.  How wonderfully warm and fuzzy, right?  Well, it is Archie Comics after all. 

But, hold on, Politico is reporting that Archie Comics will announce tomorrow that they are planning additional cover designs that will be significantly less ‘bi-partisan’.

“Archie Comics will announce on Tuesday variant covers on the Obama-Palin theme, with one cover showing Obama poised to clash with Palin in midair, while another — labeled ‘The Fight for America!’ — depicting Obama and Palin sporting boxing gloves, prepped to spar with one other. Obama is dubbed ‘The Chicago Kid’ while Palin gets named ‘The Thrilla from Wasilla.’ ”

“Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater told POLITICO that the company had received so much positive feedback on the first Obama/Palin cover (which made the rounds last week) they decided, why ruin a good thing?”

 With Obama’s approval ratings lagging in direct proportion to the fetters he and his minions are placing on our economy, my money is on Palin.

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