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Obama: GOP Victory Will Mean “Hand To Hand Combat”

In Glenn Beck, Obama on October 8, 2010 at 8:10 pm

President Obama addressed the critical importance of a big progressive Democrat turnout at the polls during the November elections on Michael Baisden’s radio show.

“The reason we won [in 2008] is because young people, African Americans, Latinos — people who traditionally don’t vote in high numbers — voted in record numbers. We’ve got to have that same kind of turnout in this election,” Obama said. “If we think that we can just vote one time, then we have a nice party at Obama’s inauguration, and then we can kind of sit back and suddenly everything’s going to change – that’s just not how it works.”

Obama also stressed what it would mean if those evil Republicans were allowed to gain a majority on Capital Hill.

“They are fired up. They are mobilized. They see an opportunity to take back the House, maybe take back the Senate,” he said. “If they’re successful in doing that, they’ve already said they’re going to go back to the same policies that were in place during the Bush administration. That means that we are going to have just hand-to-hand combat up here on Capitol Hill.”

We understand that the President was measuring his words carefully. I am sure that his choice of the words ‘hand to hand combat’ was an understatement.  He is from Chicago after all, and we have all become familiar with the ‘Chicago Way’.


Glenn Beck is Most Loved…and Most Hated

In Glenn Beck on September 2, 2010 at 7:51 pm

The LA Times recently published a ranking of TV political pundits from a social media perspective.  Those in the running included Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, Wolf Blitzer, and Glenn Beck.  Of these, Glenn Beck consistently generated more than 50% of the ‘chatter’ in across social networks which included Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Digg.

In terms of ‘who’s most loved’ on Twitter, Beck was far and away the most loved at 50.99%.

In terms of ‘who’s most hated’, Beck was also far and away the most hated at 61.77%.

 While examining these charts, two things become clear; 1) while the right is often characterized as ‘haters’, it is obvious that it is the left which is more prone to drinking the ‘hater-aid’, and 2) that in the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people, Glenn Beck, whether you love him or hate him, has been the most influential personality in 2010.

 Beck is using radio, television, social networking, and the web so effectively that he was able to motivate, organize, and gather hundreds of thousands of Americans this last Saturday on the National Mall.  Before now, the left has by and large dismissed Beck as nothing more that a huge annoyance, but Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ event has scared the absolute ‘bejesus’ out of them.  They are now beginning to realize that the movement toward a socialist America is in real danger of not being realized.  I do not mean to imply that Beck is solely responsible for this, he’s not, but the left is coming to a realization of the immense power that he does have to stir up the public against them, and that can ultimately derail their statist agenda.

The left is now ramping up the attacks on Beck hoping demonize him and minimize his influence, or even bring him down.  For the moment, some are trying to show that the left can muster just as many people on the mall as Beck did.  One Nation Working Together is planning an event at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for 10-2-10.  I suppose, for their own peace of mind.  I wish them all the luck in the world with that endeavour, with only a month to organize it, they will need it.

Huge Crowd at Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally

In Glenn Beck on August 28, 2010 at 5:14 pm

Beck is Numero Uno

In Conservatism, Glenn Beck, left wing lunacy on June 27, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Glenn Beck takes the number one slot.  Which number one slot?  His TV show?  No, the Glenn Beck Program is number three of all cable news shows. 

His radio show then?  No, it too is the number three ‘most listened to’ talk radio show. 

His new book?  Yes, his new book,  The Overton Window, did take the number one fiction spot, in fact it debuted at number one; but that is not to what we are referring.

Glenn Beck has been named as the number one most hated in a recently published list of the 100 Americans the Left Hates Most.  Townhall magazine, which published the list, explains in the piece why Beck earned the number one position;

“Beck’s real sin is that he has successfully combined his concern for the direction of this country—a direction currently being dominated by progressives who hate what America has been—with a powerful defense of American exceptionalism and a passion for the Founding Fathers and the system of government and nation they created to produce a show that both educates and entertains. … “

“Thanks to Beck, Americans are waking up to what our government is up to and are hungering for the real story of their nation—the one that the progressive movement, using the schools and universities, has tried to keep from them.”

“We are falling in love with our country again.”

“That is why the Left hates him.”

This is not the first time that the popular conservative powerhouse has received such an honor.  Earlier this year Beck earned the number one spot in The Beast’s list of The 50 Most Loathsome Americans, 2009.

Of course, not every leftist hates Beck.  Van Jones, for example, loves Glenn Beck.  No, really!  He even said so.

“To my fellow countryman, Mr. Glenn Beck. I see you and I love you, brother. I love you and you cannot do anything about it. I love you and you cannot do anything about it. Let’s be one country. Let’s be one country. Let’s get the job done.”

 Congratulations to Mr. Beck for being so widely recognized as the biggest source of apoplexy for those booger eating, bed wetting liberals.  Great job.  Keep up the good work.

Glenn Beck Mocks the Taliboogeyman

In Glenn Beck on June 25, 2010 at 9:32 pm

Adam Gadahn, ‘Gadahn the American’, recently released a new video.  In the video, Gadahn is so terrifying that Beck just had to make a few astute observations.