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Who’s gotta sit in the back, Mr. Obama?

In Jackasses on November 4, 2010 at 7:48 pm

 Delusional Democrats refused to acknowledge the fact that a tsunami was coming to sweep them out of power until it was upon them, and now that it has happened, most refuse to recognize the real reasons why.  Rather than man-up and accept accountability, Democrats have been making excuses and pointing fingers.

‘The American people are hurting and they’re scared’, yes, but what role have you played in that?.  ‘We didn’t create enough jobs,’ as if government can create jobs.  ‘Secret money from God only knows where, was used to steal the election’, seriously?  ‘There was low Democrat voter turnout, our base did not come out to vote for us’, we you plead with your base to turn out to vote for you, and they don’t, does it not cross your mind that maybe you are the problem.  Then there are the predictable ‘we didn’t get our message out’ and ‘the American people are too stupid to vote in their own best interest‘ rationalizations.

Of course, since this trouncing comes in the middle of the first black President’s first term in office, some cannot resist categorizing the electorate as ‘predominantly white’ or the election as having ‘strong racial undertones’.  this despite the fact that two Black Republicans will be joining the new Congress. 

The voters sent the Democrats a clear, unmistakable message about their mis-management of the economy, massive federal spending, and Obama-care.  Democrats have ignored the voice of the people for two years now, they do not seem to be disposed, even now, to start listening.

Nevertheless, President Obama will continue to push his ‘hope and change’ agenda.  No, Mr. Obama, the Republicans have a different agenda, Democrats are welcome to come along, but they gotta sit in the back.


Guilt by Association

In Jackasses, left wing lunacy on October 25, 2010 at 8:32 pm

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL 20), campaigning on behalf of fellow progressive wack job Ron Klein (D-FL 22), launched a vicious attack on Ron’s conservative Republican opponent, Allen West, calling him anti-woman.

 According to Wasserman Schultz;

“It’s no secret that Ron [Klein]’s opponent, Allen West, is a self-described ‘right wing extremist.’ In fact, he wears his extreme disrespect as a badge of honor,” Wasserman Schultz said. She said West believes it’s “OK to objectify and denigrate women. He thinks it’s OK to take away our reproductive freedom. He thinks it’s OK to associate with people who refer to women as ‘oral relief stations.’”

Why is Wasserman Schultz saying these outrageous things? What is her evidence that these are the feelings of West towards women? Because West has writes a column for a Miami biker magazine in which others, not West, have expressed these views toward women.

In 2002 Rolling Stone Magazine ran an ad which extolled the value of Satan’s influence on the youth of America.  The ad was titled “666 PENTAlicious”.  See here and here.

Using the logic of Wasserman Schultz, we can absolutely assert that Barack Obama has Satanist sympathies and approves of the corruption of teens by the Dark Lord by virtue of his appearance and association with Rolling Stone Magazine.

Democrat October Surprise….’FAIL’

In Scandal on October 20, 2010 at 9:00 pm

There was a time when Democrats were so devilishly good at the ‘October surprise’ that all of television and print media was flush with anticipation.  But here it is with the election a scant 12 days away, and the best that any Dem has come up with is…..‘Aqua Buddha’????

That is all that Jack Conway could dredge up against his conservative challenger, Rand Paul?  It is becoming a big joke.  Conway is under the impression that he has pulled a monumental ‘gotcha’ on Rand Paul.

At Sunday’s debate in Louisville, Conway asked veiwers, “When is it ever a good idea to tie up a woman and ask her to kneel before a false idol, your god, which you call Aqua Buddha?”

So what if ‘randy’ Rand Paul was looking to get a little ‘sumpin sumpin’ back in his college days with the help of a ‘wet and wild’ little graven image which he called ‘Aqua Buddha’!  All that matters is right now, and right now, if that is all Jack Conway’s got, he looks pretty pathetic!

One Person, One Vote, One Candidate

In Indoctrination, Jackasses on October 20, 2010 at 5:26 pm

From time to time we hear of a communist country, like Cuba, holding an election in which all candidates are communist party candidates, all are running unopposed, and all win their election bids.  These are not real elections, they are merely the semblance of a democratic process for global consumption.  It is a semblance that one of our political parties is quite envious of.

Last week Cincinnati Public School students were bused to the polls and given sample ballots, ballots listing Democrat candidates only.

Three van loads of Hughes High students were taken last week – during school hours – to vote and given sample ballots only for Democratic candidates and then taken for ice cream, a Monday lawsuit alleges. The complaint was made by Thomas Brinkman Jr., a Republican candidate for Hamilton County auditor, and the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending & Taxes against Cincinnati Public Schools. “They plan to bring four more high schools (to vote) this week,” Christopher Finney, COAST attorney, said Monday after filing the suit. It seeks a temporary restraining order to prevent school officials from participating or helping students participate in partisan politics during school hours or with school property or employees involved. But the school district’s lawyer denies any school connection. “No CPS personnel engaged in the promotion of candidates or any political party,” CPS attorney Mark Stepaniak noted in a written release. CPS spokeswoman Janet Walsh said taking students on school time to vote has been done before. “It has to be scrupulously nonpartisan,” Walsh said.

The suit alleges three van loads of Hughes High students arrived at the Downtown Board of Elections offices at 1 p.m. Wednesday, supervised by a school employee. School lets out at 3:15 p.m.

When they got out of the vans, the students, the suit alleges, also were accompanied by adults who appeared to be campaign workers or supporters for U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus, D-West Price Hill, the congressman being challenged this fall by Steve Chabot. When the students got out of the vans, the suit alleges they were given sample ballots containing only Democratic candidates.

One has to wonder how this incident could have been anything other than a blatant attempt at the partisan indoctrination of the next crop of young voters. 

But what are these students really taking away from this experience?  Are they learning that voting is a civic responsibility which must be approached in a responsible and informed manner, or are they learning that their teachers, at least, believe them to be too stupid to cast responsible and informed ballots and should not be given a choice?

O’Donnell or Greene: Who’s the Bigger Moron

In Jackasses, left wing lunacy on October 19, 2010 at 9:14 pm

We are all familiar with the debating tactic known as a ‘talking point’.  Typically, when a candidate appears for an interview he has prepared in advance a number of talking points related to a number of top issues or as a response to anticipated questions.

During a recent interview on MSNBC, Alvin Greene apparently prepared only one talking point which he repeated ad nauseam.  To nearly every question put to him by Lawrence O’Donnell, Mr. Greene responded by pointing out that Jim DeMint started the recession.

Actually, this extremely awkward interview was a new personal best for Mr. Greene.  But, be that as it may, why after spending five full minutes with a candidate who is incapable of articulating an original cogent thought would Lawrence O’Donnell then endorse said candidate; I mean, other than the fact that O’Donnell is a piece-of-crap progressive working for the state run media?

Jerry Brown: “Welfare For All!”

In left wing lunacy on October 15, 2010 at 8:18 pm

Jerry Brown, California’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, once said, “If it babbles and its eyeballs are glazed, it probably comes from California.” 

Jerry ‘Governor Moonbeam’ Brown ought to know, he has done a fair share of babbling himself.  Take for example this bit of twaddle from his Pacifica Radio show in 1995:

“The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to cut welfare. Just the opposite! We need more welfare and fewer jobs. Jobs for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create an income-maintenance system so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food, and medical care. I’m talking about welfare for all. Without it, you’re going to have warfare for all.”

 Seriously, the only thing loonier than a ‘has been’ progressive Democrat, is a senile old coot of a ‘has been’ progressive Democrat.

Obama: GOP Victory Will Mean “Hand To Hand Combat”

In Glenn Beck, Obama on October 8, 2010 at 8:10 pm

President Obama addressed the critical importance of a big progressive Democrat turnout at the polls during the November elections on Michael Baisden’s radio show.

“The reason we won [in 2008] is because young people, African Americans, Latinos — people who traditionally don’t vote in high numbers — voted in record numbers. We’ve got to have that same kind of turnout in this election,” Obama said. “If we think that we can just vote one time, then we have a nice party at Obama’s inauguration, and then we can kind of sit back and suddenly everything’s going to change – that’s just not how it works.”

Obama also stressed what it would mean if those evil Republicans were allowed to gain a majority on Capital Hill.

“They are fired up. They are mobilized. They see an opportunity to take back the House, maybe take back the Senate,” he said. “If they’re successful in doing that, they’ve already said they’re going to go back to the same policies that were in place during the Bush administration. That means that we are going to have just hand-to-hand combat up here on Capitol Hill.”

We understand that the President was measuring his words carefully. I am sure that his choice of the words ‘hand to hand combat’ was an understatement.  He is from Chicago after all, and we have all become familiar with the ‘Chicago Way’.

Open Thread: ‘Change’

In Open Thread on October 5, 2010 at 8:42 pm

Questioning the Conventional Wisdom

In Jackasses, Pachyderms on October 4, 2010 at 8:55 pm

 It has been a long-held belief among dedicated Republican pundits, that if the conservative vote is split between two candidates, the Democrat wins.  This political axiom was exemplified in the 1992 and 1996 Presidential races when the conservative vote was split in both election years, handing Bill Clinton a victory with 43% and 49% of the vote respectively.

The logic of this conventional wisdom has proven to be sound in most normal political environments.  The current political environment is anything but normal.  In the last two years there has been a realignment of political values.  Political ideology has become more important than party affiliation.  An increasing number of Americans are no longer asking themselves, ‘Am I a Republican, or a Democrat?’, but rather, ‘Am I a conservative, or a progressive?’.  This is a huge problem for Democrats who have spent the last two years branding themselves as ‘progressives’, both explicitly, and implicitly.

For the first time the conventional wisdom regarding the consequences of splitting the conservative vote no longer holds true.  In both the Alaska and Florida US Senate Races, the Democrat is far behind in three-way races where the independent candidate is a former Republican candidate.  In the Alaska Senate race, Miller (R) is polling at 38%, Murkowski at 36%, and McAdams (D) at 22%.  In the Florida Senate race, Rubio (R) is polling at 42%, Crist (I) at 30%, and Meek (D) at 21%.

The Democrats have badly damaged their party by embracing the progressive label and governing accordingly.  Now that the ‘progressive genie’ is out of the bottle, it is going to be very difficult for Democrats to try to put it back.  American progressives, who just held the biggest progressive rally in American history this last Saturday, will not allow them to waffle now on ‘progressive’ commitments that they have made.  The Dems are ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’, they cannot go forward, and they cannot go back.

The Republicans on the other hand, have been gifted by their Democratic rivals, with a tremendous opportunity.  The question is, can the Republicans make the most of it?, or, will they fall back into the same old ‘RINO’ governing pattern that lead to their defeat in 2006?  Time will tell, but the way it is looking right now, let’s just say, I am less than optimistic.

Rep. Alan Grayson Deserves to Lose His Seat

In Jackasses, left wing lunacy, Media on September 28, 2010 at 7:51 pm

How does a freshman congressman acquire a reputation as the ‘biggest ass in Congress’?  In the case of Alan Grayson (D-FL), he earned it!  Elected to Congress in 2008, Grayson wasted no time in his quest for national attention by saying the most outrageous things.

In an effort to keep his Congressional seat, Grayson has stooped even lower, running a campaign which is destined to be identified as the most maliciously deceitful in the history of Florida’s 8th district.  In an attempt to smear his opponent, Daniel Webster, the Grayson campaign is running attack ads which are so despicable, that even Grayson’s allies are crying ‘foul’.  In this first ad, Grayson accuses Webster of being a ‘draft dodger’.

Factcheck.org paints a different picture.

Records show that Webster was deferred from military service five times due to academic study from 1967 to 1970 (once in high school and four times while he was in college at the Georgia Institute of Technology). Once he completed his undergraduate degree, he was given the classification 1-A  (which means he was available for military service) and was asked to report for a physical examination. The documentation shows that on the date of his physical, July 26, 1971, Webster was rejected and given the classification of 1-Y, which means that he was “qualified for service only in time of war or national emergency.”

But according to the documents, the 1-Y classification was abolished just months later, on December 10, 1971. Local boards were ordered to reclassify all 1-Y registrants. Webster was reclassified on May 16, 1972, as 4-F, or “not qualified for military service.”

So Webster was given deferments from the military in order to complete high school and college — common during the Vietnam War — then upon graduation reported for service and was ultimately disqualified because he failed the physical examination.

In this next ad, Grayson grossly edits sound bites in an effort to portray Webster as a ‘womanizing religious fanatic’ comparable to the Taliban.

Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper took Grayson to the woodshed over this ad, as did MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer.

Alan Grayson has shown that he is not a man of integrity, and no sensible voter would want a man like him to represent them.

UPDATE, 09/29/10:  Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.com is reporting that a new poll shows Webster up over Grayson by 7 points, and that Webster has taken in more than $70,000 in donations to his campaign since Grayson ran the “Taliban Dan” ad.  Grayson own ad seems to have backfired and served to remind the voters of Florida 8, that Rep. Alan Grayson is, if nothing else, one big jackass.