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Jackass Open Thread

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Jesse Jackson: “Jesus did not speak English!”

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On Sept. 11, 2010, Jesse Jackson was giving a speech in which he made the argument that America should not be a nation of English only, because “Jesus did not speak English”.   He evidently thought it was such a poignant argument that, when it was met with silence from his audience, he felt compelled to say, “Can I get an ‘Amen’!”.

But, Jackson is technically correct, Jesus did not speak English.  Jesus did however, speak Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek, as most people did in the region where he lived and ministered.  The Greek language was spoken throughout the known world at the time, and was the defacto language of commerce.

Today, English is the defacto language of commerce.

“In today’s business world, English is no longer viewed as a foreign language – it is the global means of communication: the language of communication wherever a deal is being done internationally. Officially, English now has a special status in more than 75 countries, with a total population of over 2 billion speakers.”

So, while it is true that Jesus did not speak English, he did speak the language of commerce of the period, ‘Greek’.  Since, English is now the language of commerce, if Jesus had come into the world in our time, we think it would be reasonable to assume that he would speak English.

Inadvertently, Mr. Jackson has actually made a very good argument in the favor of the ‘English-Only Movement’.

Ohioans Wish Bush Was Still President

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We have all seen this graphic.  It is one which produces a strong reaction. “Oh, God Yes”, or “Hell, No”, depending on your political persuasion.  Well, a recent poll shows that Ohio voters do miss ol’ George and would prefer him in the White House right now rather than the Jackass-in-Chief Obama, by a 50 to 42 margin.

After all the time and effort spent by Democrats to demonize Bush as a war criminal and blame him for everything from natural disasters to the collapse of the economy, all I can say about this new poll is;

“Ouch, that’s gotta hurt”!

“Holy Leftwing Love Affair, Batman!”

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At the risk of sounding cynical, it’s this the ‘Joe Camel strategy’?

Sunday Funnies

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Obama BS Doll

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Open Thread: Obama at Bat

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Bob Hope Nailed It!

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It was a hilarious line then, a horrifying reality now! 

All Liberal Arguments Lead to George W. Bush

In Jackasses, left wing lunacy, Media, Obama on July 15, 2010 at 7:20 pm

When was the last time you saw a liberal being interviewed where the name of George W. Bush did not come up within the first five minutes?  Chances are that it has been quite sometime.  Liberal Democrats have been running against Bush since 2000, and even though there is evidence that the ‘blame Bush’ tactic is wearing very thin, they seem to not be able to stop.   Here is a great example;

Even though the discussion is about what the Obama DOJ is doing right now, Kirsten Powers just can’t help injecting the Bush administration into the argument  debate not once, not twice, but five times.  It is like a ‘slap stick’ comedy routine.  No, really!  It’s like that old Abbott and Costello bit, “Who’s on first”, in which every effort Lou makes to find out the names of the players on the team, it keeps leading to third base.

Glenn Beck Mocks the Taliboogeyman

In Glenn Beck on June 25, 2010 at 9:32 pm

Adam Gadahn, ‘Gadahn the American’, recently released a new video.  In the video, Gadahn is so terrifying that Beck just had to make a few astute observations.